The One Facebook Metric You Should Be Measuring

First, a word about Fans.

Fans are great.  We love to see more people becoming fans of our client’s pages.  But you know what?  Fans are worthless.

As a group, they are.

As an individual advocate is a different story, for a different article.

This article is part of the Travel 2.0 #social 101 Marketing Series.

As for fans.

Nearly half of them (40%) don’t want to see your marketing messages…or any messages for that matter.  On top of that about a third of them (38%) will simply stop following your updates.  And at least half  will never come back to your fan page…ever (Exact Target, Subscribers, Fans and Followers Report).

Not to mention the fact that there is a wide ranging answer to the question of fan value…$3.60 or $136, depending which shameless, self-promoting ‘report’ you believe.

Reporting on your Facebook strategy using Fans as a benchmark is like reporting on your website strategy using hits.

Sure, it’s a big number, but it really does not provide a clear picture of your true results.

Instead, take a look at the engagement rate of your fans using two metrics from Facebook Insights:  Monthly Active Users and Lifetime Likes.

Using the formula below it is quite simple to find the engagement rate of your fans, and a clearer picture of your Facebook success.

Travel 2.0 - Facebook Engagement Rate

Now, the amount Lifetime Likes will shift the final percentage.  For example if you have 1,000,000 followers, your engagement rate will be lower simply because of the scale.

That said, the engagement rate certainly provides a more accurate metric on the overall success of your Facebook Fan Page.

And is a much better metric than total fans.

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