The Social Strategy Worksheet

During the presentation at the Mississippi Office of Tourism social workshop, it was quite apparent that while some in the audience were fully engaged with social media marketing, others had not yet cracked the Facebook open.

This article is part of the Travel 2.0 #social 101 Marketing Series.Where do I begin?  What should I do first?  What social network should I start with?

Fret not, it is still a common occurrence for many in the tourism industry to be at the starting line of a social strategy.  Trust me, you are not alone.

Regardless of social experience, when we start a social media consulting partnership with a destination, hotel or attraction, we always begin with the Social Strategy Worksheet.

Trimmed down and pulled out of the PDF document for your web enjoyment, here are 10 questions you should answer prior to starting a social media strategy.

10 Questions When Starting a Destination Social Media Strategy

  1. Do you want to communicate with tourists, visitors and consumers?
  2. Do you have a story to tell?
  3. What type of social content will you provide? (Listen, Informational, Helpful, Promotional, Aggregate)
  4. Who will manage your social media marketing?
  5. How will the social workload be shared within your organization?
  6. Does the entire staff, including the senior management, understand and use social media?
  7. Are you (personally) using or experimenting with any social channels?
  8. Have you developed a social media policy?
  9. What is your planned level of effort for the social media campaign? (Listen, Maintain, Engage)
  10. Are you considering goals or metrics to measure the effectiveness of the social media campaign?

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