Unbranding Your DMO’s Facebook Page

For tourism and destination marketers, gaining recognition for driving visits is key for sustaining support.  And for most, thorough and consistent branding is not simply a means for identification purposes, but rather a factor in the ROI of the CVB, DMO or NTO.

That campaign was focused on building our brand.

A common refrain when hard analytics are not available.

As destinations have transitioned into social media, they have brought their branding campaigns with them.  It is perhaps most evident on Facebook.

But what if I told you that the biggest and most popular destination on Facebook did not have any branding at all?

For Australia, the brand is not the DMO, but rather the entire country.

Tourism Australia on Facebook

Tourism Australia on Facebook

As you can see (or not see), there is no visible branding anywhere on the Tourism Australia Facebook page.  No logo, no mention of a DMO, not even a link in the description area.  Hell they don’t even call the page Tourism Australia, just Australia.  Branding only appears once you dig deeper into the tabs, such as Instagram.



For the purposes of comparison, let’s take a look at the VISIT FLORIDA Facebook page.  Ah, branding.  Logos, links, promotional landing page.

Now, with all due respect to our fine peers at VISIT FLORIDA, we are certainly not implying that they are doing something wrong, merely a different strategy and approach to Facebook.

And we really should contact both parties for a bit more background on the strategic decisions seen here.

However, even without the benefit of explanation, we can see that Australia has thrived on Facebook without the traditional approach to branding a tourism destination.

Perhaps all destinations could benefit from a bit less brand, and a bit more inspiration.

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