Who is Producing the Best Online Ads Right Now? That Would be Apple.

More online spots from the fine folks at Apple…or in this case, TBWA and its Media Arts Lab.

Thoughts// While there are certainly numerous well-conceived and executed online ads in use today, some of the best are coming from Apple (in fact, I am sure some would argue that the entire campaign is one of the best out there). Regardless of what you may think about the Mac vs. PC debate, Apple’s use of the online medium, and specifically the New York Times website, is close to perfection. As with the other Apple spot we featured on the Travel 2.0: Interactive Trend Report, this execution uses the advertising space on nytimes.com to create an intriguing placement. Not to mention using a newspaper quote in the ad, on a newspaper site, to make it blend in seamlessly. What a concept! Integration! (sarcasm intended)

Now did everyone who visited nytimes.com that day view or click the ad? No, of course not. But, I am willing to bet that this ad had a much larger brand impact than most.

(click the ‘play’ button above to view the ad)

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