Why Pinterest Works for Tourism

Why Pinterest Works for Tourism

Poking was so 2010, all my friends are pinning.

Or at least it feels that way.

As we have discussed in previous articles (2012 Forecast: The Other Social Networks5 Questions: Joe Vargo on Pinterest), Pinterest has the potential to be more than the social network of the moment.

But let’s cut the bullsh*t, put a pin in the hype and talk about the true value of Pinterest for destination marketers.  Beyond the beautiful images, referral traffic and clever UI, Pinterest could be the key to relevancy for your CVB or DMO.

Why Pinterest Works for Tourism

Demographic / Interest Insights

Yes, everyone is currently touting the traffic benefits of the elusive pin, but let’s forget about the infamous Shareaholic report.  Frankly, who cares about more traffic to your website or blog?  You are having enough trouble converting the visitors you already have.

Instead, let’s focus on the insights from those pins.

Pinterest allows you to determine what common interests your destination visitors share.  If someone has pinned a photo of your destination, it only takes a few more clicks to learn what else they are interested in.  Think of it as a mood board for your brand.  And one that you did not have to pay your branding agency for.

Top of the Funnel

Destination marketers are always trying to exert influence on the potential visitor.  And the ultimate point of influence is in that brief, yet critical moment, when the consumer decides to put your destination in their consideration set.  It might occur because of a movie, a dinner at an Italian restaurant or even a midlife crisis.

Previously, this moment was hidden from our view.  But Pinterest changes that.

Now, we can literally see when a consumer has added your destination (yes, via a pin) to their consideration set.

That is a remarkably powerful signal of intent to travel.  And one that is difficult to discover through any other medium, tactic or social network.


Our belief in the power of curation is no secret.  It is a pillar of the future DMO.  And Pinterest, due to it’s very design, is a master at curation.  In fact, one could argue that Pinterest is better than you at curating your own destination.

And with Pinterest API coming sooner rather than later, CVBs and DMOs will be presented a unique opportunity to curate, collect and highlight the very best of the pinning service through their own digital channels.

In fact, we have already seen this UI approach used by many DMOs, including Colorado.com, but Pinterest takes it a step further.

Time to move that Curation Strategy Meeting up a few weeks.


Are we ready to call Pinterest a requirement for your destination’s marketing strategy?

No, not yet.

But the potential of Pinterest provides a much cleaner connection with destination marketing than all of those other social networks currently in your marketing strategy.

Sorry Flickr, you had a good run.

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