Bugaboo Daytrips, Walking Guides for Major Cities

It isn’t so surprising then that Bugaboo International has enlisted its agency 72andSunny to execute an online initiative that targets the tikes and parents while stressing contemporary art and culture on a global scale.

With the web portion of the Bugaboo Daytrips promotion, parents can select from 22 different major cities spanning Europe, Australia and North America. Each city is dotted on a rather peculiar map that seems both bubbly and pixelated, a choice aesthetic considering the demographic. But by clicking on any one of the cities, the user is presented with a tailor-made microsite that is essentially a virtual walking tour. Each downloadable tour offers a handful of familiar and not-so-familiar destinations (with pictures included) specific to each city that would be ideal and unique for you and your little ones.

Thoughts// A creative and enjoyable site from Bugaboo, even though some of the maps are not easily navigated. However, the idea behind the site is a very subtle way of product promotion without being too overwhelming. By providing different walking trips and highlighting various artists, the site begins to provide intriguing content and useful (if not desirable) information.

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