Content Replaces Communications As Primary Web Use

According to the Online Publishers Association, Internet users are spending nearly half their online time visiting content, a 37% increase in share of time from four years ago. The Internet Activity Index, conducted by Nielsen//NetRatings, shows that communications accounted for 46% of consumers’ time online in 2003. A dramatic shift has taken place since then, with consumers now spending 47% of their time with content and only 33% with communication. Full Story>>

Thoughts// A not so surprising report this morning from the Online Publishers Association that includes brands such as CNN, ESPN, NY Times. As broadband becomes ubiquitous and as content providers allow users to seamless integrate content into social networks (e.g. NYTimes lets you post favorite articles and share on Facebook), content has reclaimed its place as King. The study reports several factors that have led to this shift:

  1. A more accessible, and much faster, Internet is driving increased overall time spent online.
  2. The increased popularity of video is leading to more time being spent with online content. (Thanks You Tube)
  3. Improvement in search allows consumers to more easily and quickly find the exact content.
  4. The Web simply offers far more content than it did even four years ago, increasing content’s share of time.
  5. The rise of instant messaging (IM) as a key communications tool has been a factor in communication’s reduction in share of time. IM is a more efficient communications vehicle than email.

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