How Marketers Hone Their Aim Online

When Pepsi-Cola North America wanted to make a splash on the Web this spring to promote its new low-calorie vitamin-enhanced water, Aquafina Alive, the beverage company didn’t run ads just anywhere on the Internet. It placed ads only on sites it knew would be visited by people interested in healthy lifestyles.

Pepsi was using an increasingly popular online advertising strategy called behavioral targeting, in which marketers analyze consumers’ online activities to figure out who is most likely to be interested in its product — and then place ads on whatever sites those consumers are visiting. >>Full Story

Thoughts// Nice piece in the WSJ about the increased use of behavioral marketing, focusing on Pepsi’s use of Tacoda network to market its new Aquafina product. I totally echo the sentiment of the article; Travel Oregon used the Tacoda network for our 365 campaign this spring and were blown away by the results.

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