New Orleans CVB Launches

With the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina next week and tourism a vital resource needed for New Orleans’ recovery, the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau launched an online component to its “Forever New Orleans” international branding campaign., an itinerary-planning tool for visitors who want to see New Orleans as local residents do. Visitors can scroll through hotels, restaurants and activities for each of the 24 hours of the day and customize their own itinerary. There’s also a section where residents and frequent visitors to the city can post their favorite activities. >>

Thoughts// A fresh look and clever take on the itinerary building concept make an interesting and pleasing site to visit. The site’s stripped down navigation takes a couple clicks to get use to, but after that it is pretty straight forward…select the time, select an activity, add it to your itinerary and then print. The content and images are informative and expressive of New Orleans and little touches such as the ‘Spice Level’ rating tie into an overall theme. Unfortunately, the site does not offer users the chance to submit true user-generated content (it appears to be a submit and review system) or receive customized recommendations based upon interests…more than likely a conscious decision. But the simplicity of the site and ease of use make this an interesting case study.

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