Orbitz Debuts Traveler Update Feature

OrbitzTLC Traveler Update combines up-to-the-minute information from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), OrbitzTLC air traffic alerts and data from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with the contributions and reports of everyday travelers to create a powerful new information resource. Content includes real-time data and information on security line wait times, traffic delays, parking updates, taxi lines, flight delays, weather information and more. >>Full Story

Thoughts// A new offering from Orbitz, the ‘OrbitzTLC Traveler Update‘ allows users to post messages and alerts for other Orbitz flyers. What is intriguing about this offering is how Orbitz has centralized a good deal of airport related information on one page…for example, the Phoenix Sky Harbor International page contains traffic updates (from Google), weather (from weather.com, more than likely), parking advice (from PHX), average security line wait times (again, from PHX) and tips from other travelers.

Additionally, it would appear that the bulk of the tips are coming from either repeat travelers or users who work at or for the airport. Interesting that someone at the airport (might have) realized what a great option this could be for communicating with consumers. If only they would have thought of it first.

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