Reaching More Customers With a Simple Text Message

Online retailers were, for all the obvious reasons, the pioneers of Web advertising. When it comes to advertising on the mobile Web, though, they are treading carefully.

On the one hand, executives and analysts said, online retailers are right to be cautious. After all, few consumers are buying items through their mobile devices. But at least some online retailers say they have found enticing success from early marketing efforts, as long as those initiatives are aimed at simply keeping themselves on the radar of customers as opposed to trying to prompt an immediate purchase or a visit to the company’s Web site. >>Full Story

Thoughts// Good article on the careful use of mobile marketing by retailers; with mobile devices becoming ubiquitous and travel companies and big brands already using text (e.g. Luxor/MGM hotels, MTV, Coke), to reach consumers, mobile marketing is a growing trend. It goes without saying that it needs to be permission based and must be used with extreme caution – no one wants to pay for unwanted text messages or feel “spammed” on their cell/mobile device.

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