Reporter: Google Makes Mashups Easy

Mashups that overlay any kind of data on top of an online map are all the rage. But up until now I didn’t know that even I, with no coding experience whatsoever, could make a customized map of my own. I did, and it took less than an hour. And it can even be found in the Google Maps index if I want it to. Google allowed me to preview a new feature of its maps service that it plans to launch on Thursday called My Maps.

Thoughts// Google has just added a function to there Google Maps product allowing anyone (via registration) to create their own personal map. The map could be of a family road trip, all Major League Baseball Stadiums or results from the 2004 Presidential Election. The map can then be saved, allowing it to become searchable in the Google Maps database, emailed or linked to.

Although this product is largely aimed at the novice user, not the programmer, the new ‘My Maps’ feature could be another possible promotional opportunity for AOT…for example, by re-purposing itineraries or special projects onto the map and then having links back to AOT for more information.

For example, here is our Arizona Origins campaign using the Google Maps tool:

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