The United Countries of Baseball

(click the map for a larger version)

In a retail branding effort that bonds Nike and the MLB, this poster campaign from Cole & Weber United is based on extensive data collection, according to the agency, which, among other things, charts fan loyalty, depicting the geographic boundaries of each team’s fan base. In a tie-in with a Nike baseball clothing line, there are 30 team maps as well a series of ads and posters featuring individual players. The posters are seen in baseball team shops and Niketown stores.

Thoughts// Not exactly interactive-related, but I cannot help but love the execution of this Nike Baseball campaign. As the article says, the agency used data collection to create an accurate picture of the baseball fan divide in the US. The combination of a popular subject (baseball) in an easy-to-use and enjoyable format (a map) puts a creative spin on well-known information. From a travel perspective, how could we take this concept, apply typical (dare I say boring) information to a map and create a new way of looking at the data.

And I really think the Braves piece of the map should go a little deeper into Florida…but that is just my opinion.

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