Travel Trends – Digital Life, More Wikis, Yapta

A Digital Life: According to Netpop I Play, a new report from Media-Screen, broadband users spend an hour and 40 minutes (48% of their spare time) online in a typical weekday, and more than half of that is spent accessing activities related to entertainment and communication.

Food & Wine Wiki: Food & Wine magazine has teamed with Wiki community site developer Wetpaint to launch a destination, which will collect user recommendations on where to eat and shop for food and wine along with articles from the magazine.

Yapta: Yapta, the airline fare bookmarking site that we covered a few weeks ago, is now in public beta (which means you can try it out). Find a fare, bookmark it and watch the price. If you book the fare via Yapta and the fare goes down, Yapta will remind you to ask the airline for a coupon or refund.

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