Travelers Go and Tell, Tourism Sites Show and Sell

The Internet has made the world a smaller place, and perhaps no category has felt that impact as much as the travel industry. Some 83% of people who travel are Web savvy compared with 71% of the general public, and by 2010, about nine in 10 travelers will conduct their search and trip planning via the Internet, per Forrester Research, Cambridge, Mass. >>Full Story

Thoughts// A good article from Brandweek which talks about UGC strategies that Florida, Las Vegas and Hawaii are either implementing or researching. The overall trend from Florida, Hawaii and Minnesota’s UGC offering is allowing users to post positive stories about their favorite places within a destination (such as Hawaii). It would appear that each of these DMOs believes that allowing users to post anything they like (i.e. negative stories) is too great a risk. However, it will be telling to see if users will still respond to this type of UGC offering or if they will simply not post on sites that maintain a certain level of control.

It is also interesting to note that so many major DMOs, such as Hawaii and Las Vegas are still researching and looking at ways to effectively incorporate UGC into their sites.

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