Web: Why Your Web Marketing Strategy Needs A Widget

Welcome to the Me2 Generation aka Web 3.0. It is their world, we just live in it. And as precious as your content may be to you, ultimately it means little to them if they are unable to interact with it, share it, and personalize it…

Have you made it possible for your content to live in the worlds that are important to your audiences? >>Full Story

Thoughts// For anyone thinking about widget/gadgets (‘gadget’ is what Google calls it’s widgets), this blog on FastCompany.com is a fascinating take on the future of content in the interactive medium. The most compelling argument for creating a widget/gadget is that it empowers your “evangelists” to take your brand/product, personalize and “pimp” it for you.

Brands grow when they let go, and a widget that thrives on multiple environments—be it MySpace, Facebook, personal blogs or your MyGoogle page—can provide consumers the ultimate PERSONAL brand experience.

The widget discussion is something we’ve been having internally at Travel Oregon for a while; we recently collaborated with our agency (w+k) to build an iGoogle gadget (it’s in alpha right now – screen shot above). Essentially this is our stab at “decoupling” the content from our site and allowing consumers to experience the Oregon brand on their own terms, in their own spaces.

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