When Fewer Clicks Are A Good Thing

There may be times when a declining click-through rate on a behaviorally targeted campaign is a good sign. When Advertising.com ran a comparative test of three campaigns that used both run-of-network and BT techniques, Brent Halliburton, director of network strategy, was surprised at the results. The targeted ads demonstrated lower CTRs than untargeted ads, and yet at the same time they showed much better results on the back end. This week, Halliburton walks us through that research and explains what it means to media planners. >>Full Story

Thoughts// A very interesting article and interview from the Behavioral Insider about the drop in CTR (click-thru rates) during behaviorally targeted campaigns. Although the research does not initially make logical sense, the hypothesis put forth that the BT ads are ‘wedding out the window shoppers’ does begin to explain the results. A timely and useful article as advertisers begin to really question what all of those clicks mean.

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