Who Needs a Travel Agent?

When it comes to travel, perhaps more so than any other industry, word-of-mouth is king. Travelers make decisions on where to stay, where to eat, and what to do based on recommendations from friends.

No surprise, then, that many of today’s niche social networking sites are built around travel: WAYN, TravelPod, TripAdvisor, IGoUGo, SideStep (thanks to the recent acquisition of TripUp), FlyerTalk — the list is tremendous. >>Full Story

Thoughts// A basic article from OMMA discussing the impact of social networking on the travel industry in a very high-level tone. Most of the article covers topics that are a bit old (Travelocity’s MySpace page) or currently being debated (the value of Second Life)…all of which have been covered by this blog. While the article does offer a good overview, it makes too many general statements without a true objective look at the current state of social networking on the travel industry.

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