Yahoo Travel Gets More Personal With Users and Advertisers

Yahoo has enhanced its Yahoo Travel portal in order to bring users more personalized travel info destination and advertisers more effective lead generation. The revamp adds both user-generated content and behavioral targeting functionality to the site’s three main components–Trip Planner, Travel Guides, and the FareChase comparison search engine–in addition to improved mapping and instant-messaging capabilities.

Thoughts// This update to Yahoo Travel expands on the review feature and adds a deeper level of user-generated content to the site. The most interesting part of the update is the behavioral targeting capabilities. Using a person’s preferences, activity history (what destinations have you clicked on) and similar user activity (which users are you similar to, and what have they clicked on) Yahoo Travel is now able to recommend specific, relevant destinations to each user. This behavioral targeting strategy also takes advantage of tagging (folksonomies). The targeting obviously works best when the user is logged into Yahoo Travel. With such a deep level of user preferences and tracking, this update was the next logical step for Yahoo Travel.

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