We speak about consumer behavior, strategy
and the future of tourism.

Tourism Keynote Speaker


We make difficult subjects easy to understand.

Troy’s presentations and keynotes are ideal for tourism conferences and industry associations, with rates starting at $1,000.00.

Email us (info@travel2dot0.com) to hold dates.


Keynotes + Workshops


The Future DMO
How current trends are shaping the future DMO and how the current DMO can adjust, respond and thrive.

Overcoming Certainty Gaps in Tourism
Travel is composed of thousands of questions, challenges and concerns…tourists don’t need help planning, they need help overcoming certainty gaps.

Redesigning the Role of Research
Why everyone in your tourism organization needs to be research literate in order for your NTO, DMO or CVB to survive.

We also speak about content, service, technology and design.


Upcoming Tourism Keynotes


Denver, April 16-18
Keynote: Redesigning the Role of Research

We have spoken at UNWTO, DMAI, ESTO, Governor’s Conferences and private events.