Dear Delta and Continental, Thanks For Nothing

Dear Delta and Continental,

We, the American flying public, have put up with a lot to get from point A to point B.  Surcharges, reduced servings of nuts, less leg room, bad movies plus an almost constant pattern of inept employees.  But, through it all we gave you the benefit of the doubt.

While we are certainly guilty of being a bit naive from time to time (we apologize for packing all of those shampoo bottles in our carry-on), we are quite aware of the issues that face major airlines during these difficult times.  You do not need an advanced aeronautics degree to understand why it costs hundreds of dollars to fly from New York to San Diego.

We want to fly places, you need to charge us a fair price for those services.  That is the deal we have so willingly agreed to.

However, you have taken it too far with unnecessary checked baggage fees.

Again, we understand the need to run a profitable business…most of us learned this lesson with our first lemonade stand…but as a group, we are unsure you understand the need to maintain good customer service.

Now, what was an amusing joyride on one of your luxury ships of the sky, has become an all out sprint to the first open overhead bin.  Push the women and children out of the way, I need to get my over-sized, 2-piece Tumi “look how important I am” luggage set into the space over my head just in case I want to pull out my copy of The Hangover (okay, it was funny a movie) halfway to Seattle and laugh so loud the people next to me think I am a going there for treatment.

Forget the mom in the back with the 6-month old, she can hold her diaper bag on her lap, I need my space.  Hey, if you did not want to hold that bag, you should have thought twice before having kids.

And sorry in-flight crew, you have now added the title of ‘bagged handler’ to your resume.  But don’t worry about luggage shifting during flight, we have kindly filled all of the available space with plenty of backpacks, briefcases and duffel bags…not to mention a few bottles of shampoo here and there.

Of course, only the lucky among us get to run the luggage edition of a coliseum battle each and every wonderful trip to the airport.

Let’s not even mention the poor people who fly every other Thanksgiving to Grandma’s house.  Family of 4?  Heading to Cleveland? With 1 bag each?  Oh, there is a small convenience fee for those bags.

Again, we are willing to work with you on this one.  We know there are good people working at your organizations, but we can’t shake the feeling that, well, you really just don’t care.  Oh, sure, you advertising tag line says you care…it even says it on your little name badges…but the fees don’t send the same message.

Well, no hard feelings.  Really it’s okay to keep charging for that first bag, we know a couple of other airlines who actually enjoy seeing us each day.

This way, we won’t have to worry about caring when you go out of business.

Thanks for nothing.

The American Flying Public

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