If The TSA Can Start a Blog, Why Not You?

The Transportation Security Administration, perhaps best known for blue-gloved screeners who don’t tolerate jokes, launched a blog Wednesday called Evolution of Security, which promises to be written by a collection of TSA employees including a frontline screener, technology developer and a TSA analyst. >>Full Story

Thoughts// For those of you who did not hear about this a few days ago, the TSA has launched a public-facing blog to promote an open conversation with the traveling public. Insert your own ‘take off your shoes joke’ here. As you might expect, the blog contains updates written by a handful of TSA staffers and contains hundreds of comments…if not thousands by this point.

As odd as this idea sounds, I give the TSA some major credit on this one. They opened this line of communication, and are promoting it, knowing full well the blog would receive hundreds of moronic comments from anonymous users who are upset at everything. Plus, once you start something like this, there is no going back or shutting it off…that would just further the negative image that most Americans have of the agency.

That takes some dedication…or craziness.

It will be interesting to see how this blog affects the view of the TSA in the mind of the traveling public. For all of those ‘I don’t want to take my shoes off’ comments, there are already some constructive posts on the blog.

So, if you want to be part of the solution, step up and post a useful comment…instead of just complaining every time you are in the security line.

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