Korean Air Likes My Baby

Our daughter with the Korean Air flight crew.

On our way back from Atlanta my wife Lesley spotted a very well-dressed flight crew in the lobby of our hotel.  Perhaps well-dressed is an understatement, frankly I can’t imagine the United team looking like this on their best day.

Anyway, a photo was required of our little girl and the Korean Air flight crew…all 32 of them.

Needless to say, they were thrilled to hold a baby, take pictures and attempt to convince our 11-month old to smile via clapping, singing and what can only be described as choreographed dancing.

After heading downstairs, Lesley said ‘this is going on Facebook.’

A day later and back in the home office, the photo of our little international trade meeting was posted via the magic of the internets to Facebook.  Although tagged with ‘Korean Air‘, Lesley was not expecting anyone but family to comment on the photo.

Family and Korean Air

Korean Air comments on our baby’s photo.

In the end, it wasn’t much.

Just a comment on a random photo of a baby and a flight crew.  But it is the perfect example of how to do social right.

Reach out, communicate, respond.  8 simple words and a quick click of the like button.

While we don’t have any plans to visit South Korea in the near future, I can tell you with certain which airline we will fly.

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