You Must Be Trippinʼ

Road Trip Baby!

Are you packed and ready for your next trip? Looking for expert travel advice? Need a new destination to explore? Check out Best Westernʼs You Must Be Trippinʼ travel blog for featured destinations, expert advice, road warrior tips and more. >>Full Story

Thoughts// Best Western International jumped into the social media scene with the launch of its companion travel blog, You Must be Trippin’ this month. Geared towards both business and leisure travelers, the blog features a staple of writers representing various psychographic profiles—the traveling mom, the outdoors nut, travel junkie, empty nester, business traveler, etc.—who write stories detailing their personal travel stories and offering tips and advice for ‘likeminds’.

What’s particularly refreshing about the Trippin’ blog (and hence lends authenticity) is the fact that the writers are highly credentialed (mommy blogger Amy Graff for example is an acclaimed journalist) and their stories appear to be based on real world experiences. And what’s more, none of the articles (so far) contain an explicit sales pitch to book a room at the Best Western.

While it remains to be seen how this blog can help improve the brand cache of Best Western, initial signs are encouraging; the blog is being updated constantly, reader enagagement appears to be high (36 comments on the last post…hey that’s more than we’ve ever got!) and the content is authentic and helpful to travelers.

The Tippin’ blog is the perfect antidote to our column last week, 10 Reasons Your Company Shouldn’t Blog.  It has a personal voice (or many), it features original niche content,  it’s part of the overall communications mix and it engages with readers.

Thanks to Carole A for telling us about the Trippin’ blog.

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