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Peter: One-to-One Research for Travel Organizations

Written by on Oct 19, 2012 | 2 Comments
Peter: One-to-One Research for Travel Organizations

Tourism organizations typically conduct research in one of two ways: through or via a focus group.

While both methods are proven and, mostly, effective, there is a disconnect between the research panel and the tourism organization. A DMO, hotel or attraction can only get so close to the panelist. Surveys rarely allow for contextual follow-up and focus groups can be a costly proposition for a limited research budget.

Of course, this assumes the tourism entity invested in research to start with.

Unfortunately, most do not.

Context, budget, transparency, time, quality…how does a tourism organization find answers to a few questions, quickly and cost-effectively, from a quality panel of real and transparent travelers?

How can you move beyond percentages and receive the critical context required to make decisions?

How can you facilitate conversation and learn from your consumers?

How can you actually get a written answer from a real traveler?

These challenges are the reason we started Peter.

An opportunity for tourism organizations to submit critical business questions, to a qualified panel of tourists and travelers, and receive a detailed response.

More detailed than a survey, less costly than a focus group.

Peter is just getting started and we are currently evaluating potential panelists (if you know of a good candidate, ).

In the meantime, get those questions ready.

  • Tim Brechlin

    Fantastic idea for a new endeavor, Troy, and I’m excited to see what comes of this. I knew something had to be up when you had gone into radio silence for a few weeks.

    • / Troy Thompson

      Thanks Tim.

      This idea has been in motion for a bit. First for a client project and then pushed along by the reaction to a simple tourist panel at #ETS12 . Where we met Peter, the lovable namesake of the project.

      The idea is simple. How can we fill the void between surveys and focus groups, while reconnecting the DMO with the actual traveler.

      - Troy