Helping brands create great customer experiences through design.

Service Design Consulting


You have a question about:

  • brand experience
  • customer relationships
  • organizational culture

We help clients:

  • identify and optimize business opportunities
  • develop co-created plans with stakeholders
  • improve services and communication
  • test and implement ideas
  • make better strategic decisions

We work in these verticals:

  • tourism
  • education
  • entertainment
  • government
  • non-profits

How To Work With Us


Before you begin working with us, you should understand that we:

  • have clear strategic principles
  • offer a free project evaluation workshop
  • do not respond to unpaid RFPs
  • accept a limited number of new clients per year
  • (our) projects average a final cost of $49,800.00

How We Work


We work hands-on with brands to evaluate and design their strategy and services, finding opportunities and creating better customer relationships and interactions.

Our method follows 5 steps:

  1. evaluate your question (free)
  2. explore the underlying issues
  3. co-create potential answers
  4. reflect and test answers
  5. implement answers across brand culture

We work hands-on with brands to evaluate and design their strategy and services, finding opportunities and creating better customer relationships and interactions.

Current + Past Projects


We are working with Visit Oak Park to design a co-created strategic plan inclusive of partners, product and customer needs.

AirSage selected Travel 2.0 Consulting Group to review their business development strategy for the travel and tourism sector.

Travel 2.0 Consulting Group is providing guidance and oversight to the Santa Fe CVB’s digital development agency search.

We are facilitating the creation of a strategic plan for the Greater Palm Springs CVB, with a focus on the region’s digital ecosystem.

Discover Los Angeles has selected Travel 2.0 Consulting Group to review their global digital marketing plan.

Santa Monica CVB asked our firm to fortify their digital strategic plan while consulting on the resulting digital development agency search and integration.

We are helping Visit West Hollywood better understand the service experience around their digital products from a consumer and stakeholder perspective.

The Breckenridge Resort Chamber (GoBreck) hired Travel 2.0 Consulting Group to evaluate, analyze and create an overall strategic plan with a strong focus on consumer interaction.

Positively Cleveland invited the Travel 2.0 Consulting Group to a brainstorm / development session to discuss the city’s tourism experience.

We guided Discover Los Angeles through the development of a mobile strategy and subsequent RFP development.

Roadtrippers worked with us to better understand the destination marketing vertical by identifying certainty gaps in trip planning.

Tourism Calgary hired us to evaluate the overall digital visitor experience and provide on-demand strategic advice.

We guided the implementation, agency selection and CRM integration for the Grapevine CVB.

A leading DMO agency, Miles Partnership hired
Travel 2.0 Consulting Group to review their business development processes as well as provide tourism consulting to specific client projects.

We redesigned the digital strategy for
Visit California, including positioning, partner selection and implementation.

Travel 2.0 Consulting Group developed and lead Snowbird through a comprehensive brainstorming / consumer experience workshop which guided the redevelopment of

Visit Tampa Bay required our guidance to develop and manage their digital RFP project.

Tourism Queensland asked us to review and vet a unique consumer-focused marketing strategy.

Travel 2.0 Consulting Group provided key external guidance by validating and optimizing a strategic project plan developed by Brand USA.

Bay of Quinte (Ontario, Canada) selected our tourism consulting services to provide guidance as they developed a new strategic direction.

We provided tourism expertise to JWT Chicago as they worked with the Illinois Office of Tourism to develop a new digital presence.

Spectrum Resorts hired Travel 2.0 Consulting Group to optimize their online / offline strategy.

We worked with Discover Los Angeles to develop, guide and implement their digital strategy.

We led a strategy development retreat for the Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau and their membership.

Central Counties (Ontario, Canada) hired us to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and consumer research project.

We guided Niagara Falls Tourism through organizational change including brand strategy development and stakeholder alignment.

Travel 2.0 Consulting Group provided industry-leading intelligence for Cult as they expanded their travel and tourism practice.

Our firm helped Cherry Creek North separate from an existing vendor as well as overseeing the RFP process, selection and integration of the replacement agency.

Sonoma County Tourism utilized our digital expertise and destination marketing experience to evaluate and develop a comprehensive strategic plan.