The Content Marketing Paradox

Don’t create content about just your lodge…create content about the things around your lodge…the region, the area, what to do, where to eat…the possibilities are endless.

Those words represent, paraphrased for simplicity, the recommendation of a highly regarded digital marketing agency to a confused member of an all too typical tourism marketing conference.

Content marketing, at its best.

And perhaps worst.

We need to expand your content offering to include niche topics that will drive 1:1 eyeballs and engagements with the brand.

Yes, another marketing firm. ¬†This one presenting their content marketing plan to a regional DMO client who found themselves searching for a content marketing plan…without knowing why they needed one.

If the local lodge is creating content about the DMO and the DMO is creating content about the local lodge, who does the tourist pay attention to?

Did anyone bother to ask the tourist if they actually wanted this unknown blessing of content marketing?

Did either organization think to ask the other about their respective content marketing plans?

[Tweet “Your organization is a single touch point in a very large tourism ecosystem.”]

Content marketing is relatively straightforward when you own the product. But the tourism ecosystem is an unseen partnership among many.

A tenuous bond, held together by an unspoken, yet common desire to fulfill the vacation wishes of those who seek them.

We need to start talking with each other, before anyone will listen to us.

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