22 Things You Would Have Learned at VTIC12

Welcome to Vermont.

Recently, I had the esteemed pleasure of speaking at the Vermont Travel Industry Conference.

Delivering both a breakout session and the closing keynote was an excellent opportunity to embarrass attendees (Hey Deborah), embarrass myself and destroy the well-worn, expert babble you often hear at these tourism conferences.

In summary, it went so well I am considering a run for Governor in Vermont (free Ben & Jerry’s for all!).

During my keynote, the tables turned slightly.  A member of the audience called me out and demanded an article summarizing the wonder that is Vermont.  Well, game-on.

For those of you who were not at VTIC12, here are 22 things you would have learned.

22 Things You Would Have Learned at VTIC12

  1. Vermont is a very pretty state.
  2. Woodstock, VT is the cutest damn town in New England.
  3. Most Vermonters have 3 taps on their sink: Hot, cold and maple.
  4. Vermont (and most of New England) had a poor winter as far as snowfall.  A real bummer, I was looking forward to skiing Killington.
  5. Political support for tourism in Vermont is strong and refreshing.
  6. Tourism pros in Vermont are facing the same issues you are:  Time, money, resources and focus.
  7. Gimmicks can work during a presentation, but you better have the content to back-up that cheeky shit.
  8. Mixed messages, in terms of marketing strategy, only confuse people.
  9. @deepdishcreates  is even better in-person.
  10. Vermonters don’t know what to do with QR codes either.
  11. My Ask Why presentation really opened some eyes and relieved some heartburn.
  12. All Vermonters love the Maple Syrup Hour TV show.
  13. There are no rules in social media, do what is right for your company, product or brand.
  14. Steve Cook is not on Facebook.
  15. Consumers interact with things they are passionate about.
  16. You don’t have to be on Facebook to survive as a business in 2012.
  17. My French guy impression was a tribute John Cleese impersonating a Frenchman.
  18. QR codes are stupid.
  19. QR code being towed by an airplane.  Told you.
  20. My keynote presentation, Hype, trends + the truth, focused on trends and swearing.
  21. The tourism industry in Vermont is represented by passionate, caring and thoughtful professionals.
  22. VTIC12 was one of the best tourism conferences I have been too.

A big thanks to the team at the Vermont Department of Tourism, Steve, Marie, Cindy, Frank the A/V guy, Megan, Deborah for being such a good sport and Susan for challenging me to write this article.

I had a wonderful time, met a lot of smart tourism professionals and left assured that tourism in Vermont will continue to flourish due to the hard work, dedication and passion of those in attendance at VTIC12.


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