5 Articles You Should Read Again

Let’s recap the best of the year so far on the Travel 2.0 Blog. Stories that you might have missed or misunderstood. Articles that seem more relevant today than they did six months ago.

5 of our favorite thoughts, posts and theories, with the benefit of director’s cut commentary.

We went back into the archives, found 5 important stories, reviewed and revisited our thoughts.

Seattle Has Klout

Seattle Has Klout

Damn, I still love the Seattle / Klout campaign. Until I see otherwise, this is my choice for tourism campaign of the year. Yes, they used Klout, and yes Klout can be gamed, blah, blah.

Details aside, what really interests me is the potential shift in tourism marketing that this campaign represents. For destinations, the holy grail of social marketing is the all-powerful peer recommendation.

I did this, now you should too.

And while many of our peers are struggling to connect the social shares resulting from a vacation to the social efforts of the destination itself, Seattle has selected a more direct route.

Want to claim credit for the social content shared by tourists in your city, state, country? Pay for them to be there.

Now that is some direct social ROI.

Keeping Tourism Marketing Simple

Keeping Tourism Marketing Simple

I talk with destinations, CVBs and other tourism clients at length during consulting sessions about this very idea…simplicity.

Which is why I wrote this article. I had just finished a meeting with a rather large DMO client that simply refused to acknowledge what the metrics and consumer opinion were telling them.

Make it easy.

Trim the fat.

Keep it simple.

Instead, they wanted to rely on their gut. What had worked in the past. The random opinions of a single board member who liked having all of the navigation options (all 26 of them) in one ‘easy-to-find’ column.

The consumer demands simplicity.

And you have to fight for it.

Digitizing the Tourist Guest Book

Digitizing the Tourist Guest Book

You know what, I never did get a call from the Utah Office of Tourism after showing them…pro bono…how to improve their tourism guest book.

Still waiting guys…720-515-6010.

Meet Your New Brand Manager / The Destination Branding Gap

Meet Your New Brand Manager / The Destination Branding Gap

Yes, the consumer is part of your brand, but you still need to decide what the brand should be.

Here is the trouble with destination brands in the digital age…everyone has a different perspective on reality. And those perspectives rarely align with the positioning desired by the destination marketing organization.

20 years ago, you could change the destination position with a glossy brochure and a TV ad.

Today, you can only change the destination position by changing the destination.

3 Reasons Why The DMO Will Not Survive

3 Reasons Why The DMO Will Not Survive

Yes, that title was designed to get your attention. And yes, I realize great pleasure by introducing though-provoking, uncomfortable and challenging articles to your daily routine.

And this article was no different.

One peer described her CEO’s reaction as ‘I really don’t like this article. I really don’t like the fact that he is right.

Tourism destinations have heard that the world is changing. That everything is shifting. That the digital revolution is upon us.

But rarely does anyone explain why.

This article is part of that answer.

A response to the why.

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