Our 6 Strategic Principles

When starting a new tourism consulting project, we begin the relationship by introducing the client to our strategic principles. These principles guide our thinking and approach to strategic design, therefore it is critical that the client understands our perspective prior to the start of the project.

We have found them to be an excellent way to determine if a potential client will be flexible, open to critical thinking and a long-term partner.

Rather than keep them reserved for clients, we wanted to share our principles for strategic design. Perhaps you can adopt a few of these principles as you develop your destination’s tourism strategy.

Destroy Assumptions

We both have assumptions about what the final strategy might look like, but to be successful; we both need to destroy any assumptions about the tourist, the brand and what we think we know.

Maintain a High-level of Transparency

To implement strategic organizational change, we both need to agree to a high-level of transparency and build clear, open communication between partners.

Support an Environment of Co-Creation

Your tourism destination is composed of numerous sights, experiences and interactions, therefore to clarify the entire tourism experience; we must support an environment of co-creation between your organization and your peers, stakeholders and partners.

Focus on the Consumer

We will establish an unrelenting focus on the consumer by developing a comprehensive and emphatic understanding of their thoughts, behaviors and perspectives.

Fight for a Simple, Iterative Approach

We will not complicate simple strategy to sound smart, nor will we work on the project in seclusion, rather we will work together to create and simplify strategic design with thoughtful revisions and open dialogue.

Take a Holistic Perspective

Our intention should always be to fully understand the context of the overall strategy, while maintaining the flexibility to address related solutions as they develop.

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