Meet + Tweet: Nate Brandt

Meet + Tweet, an introduction to the tourism marketers of the future.


Meet + Tweet: Nate BrandtNate Brandt
Colorado State University
Major: Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism
Minor: Business

· @NateB_randt
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Let’s skip the basic resume questions, we all know your weakness is actually a strength.  Instead, let’s get to know Nate…who knows, he might be the next member of your team.

Describe yourself in 140 characters or less.

Grounded by family and friends. Driven by adventure and new experiences. Passionate about the outdoors and craft beer.

I’ve spent much of my youth in the beautiful state of Colorado and I’m a huge advocate for throwing on a pack and hitting the trail for a few days. Growing up I was privileged to live in England and Zimbabwe, which put the travel bug in me early and has provided indispensable crosscultural life experience.

I strive for new ventures that throw me out of my comfort zone and thoroughly enjoy a social atmosphere of good conversation and good music. Whether it’s during a summer concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre or watching a Denver Nuggets game with friends and family, I believe in making the most out of every situation.

What is your chief characteristic?

Communication. I love to explain, describe and to write. Give me an opportunity to tell a story, and I’ll give you something to relate to. People generally remember how you made them feel rather than exactly what you said, so I recognize the significance of communicating with substance.

Where would you like to live?

If I had to make the challenging decision of choosing just one location, anywhere in the world, it would probably be New Zealand. From awe-inspiring mountains to long remote beaches, the country is so jam-packed with stunning landscapes and natural beauty that it leaves little room to disappoint an outdoor enthusiast.

With that being said, I also see the draw of living in an urban metropolis like London or San Francisco. The fast pace and diversity of a big city has its own appeal as well. Maybe that’s what makes Denver so incredible. A city with a genuine downtown culture accompanied by the magnificent Rocky Mountains gives you the best of both worlds. The truth is, I really just value the adventure of living in any new location because every fresh opportunity provides life experience, good or bad.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I think the “go to” answer for most people my age would be to say their greatest achievement was graduating college, which in a lot of ways is true.

It’s also easy for me to consider overcoming situations of adversity as my greatest accomplishment because they’ve defined who I am, humbled me and given me a clear understanding of what I’m passionate about. To be honest though, I truly believe my greatest achievement is yet to come. I think it’s essential to use everyday as an opening to improve on what I did yesterday.

Your favorite motto.

Dreams don’t work unless you do. Another favorite is: Take a deep breath and enjoy life.

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