5 Reasons I am Attending the eTourism Summit

5 Reasons I am Attending the eTourism Summit

Each year for the past few years, my fall travel schedule has taken me west to San Francisco for the annual eTourism Summit. This year is no different. And frankly, I am looking forward to the conference for five specific reasons:

1. A tour of Facebook HQ.
We saw the Googleplex last year, now let’s see how Facebook stacks up. Free food? Free stock? Who knows! But it is a unique opportunity to peak behind the curtain of our new found social travel savior.

2. Hear myself talk.
Damn right I am excited about hearing myself talk. I mean, have you heard me? One year after launching mark, I am heading back to ETS to share what we have learned via my oh so subtle State of the Destination presentation. But don’t worry fans and friends, a summary article won’t be far behind.

3. Hearing the Travel Bloggers session.
Oh, there are so many good sessions, but if I had to pick just one, I am really excited to hear Ben Vadasz from Think, Ali Daniels from Seattle and Emmanuelle Legault from Montreal. No pressure guys and gals.

4. Hearing Steve Cook.
Okay, if I had to pick two sessions, Steve Cook would be my #2. Cannot wait to hear him talk about @thisisvt.

5. Connecting with Bay Area / Silicon Valley peers.
As our dependence on digital to reach the traveler increases, our need for education follows. Frankly, there is no other tourism / travel / tech conference that places a focus on, and bridges the gap between, travel and tech. It is truly a unique opportunity to network with some of the best minds in digital marketing. And enjoy some awesome sushi.

If you are heading to eTourism Summit this year…which is already sold out…let us know in the comments.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in SF.

Editor’s Note: Travel 2.0 Consulting Group is a sponsor and partner of the eTourism Summit.

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