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10 ways for the tourism destination, DMO or NTO to help tourists, monitor marketing and track effectiveness.

DMOs and CVBs create a lot of questions when developing marketing and advertising campaigns. But what if they started creating more answers?

The tourist is leaving behind a trail of valuable information and data. And the tourism destination, the DMO, should be capturing and utilizing this data.

A look at 3 strategic website lessons for tourism organizations redeveloping their website strategy and design.

Where should I start my DMO or CVB’s mobile strategy? App, website, text campaign? Use this simple guide to determine your mobile strategic direction.

How blogging built my expertise, connected me with peers and kept me humble as I launched the Travel 2.0 Consulting Group.

A behind-the-scenes look at our internal strategy for consulting and why we are now offering on-demand tourism consulting.

Why is travel-enticing content important, and what factors are causing tourism destinations to shift their content strategy?

A step-by-step look at how we create a Travel-Enticing Content Model for our DMO, CVB and NTO clients.

Using why, what and how to clearly define travel-enticing content, ultimately moving prospective consumers closer to the moment of travel.

Tourism websites have three primary types of content: pacifying content, search content and travel-enticing content. Understand how to create the right content to achieve goals and encourage travel.

An examination of the good, bad and ugly from the Montana Office of Tourism’s social media mishap.

We begin our monthly Mark Research Reports with a popular topic for DMOs, CVBs and NTOs: mobile. How are travelers engaging with tourism destinations on the mobile web? This new research report has the answers.

5 of our favorite articles from the past 12 months, new thoughts and revised opinions on Klout, simplicity, guest books, branding and DMO survival.

The content expectations of the traveling consumer are changing. Static content, such as business listings, is not enough. How does your tourism content strategy change? With dynamic content.

How to get more from Google Analytics for your tourism website, including verifying your site, social plugins, roll up reports, YouTube tracking and form tracking.

What is the correlation between your social strategy and website traffic? For tourism destinations, how does a Facebook page or timed tweet impact website visitation? The answers can be found by benchmarking social media data.

Tourism destinations are always looking for new visitors. Both online and offline. For online, what does the average DMO website visitor look like?

A new version of mark, the benchmarking report for tourism destinations, is now available. Including the mark Free report. Here is what we learned and what we changed in the updated version.

The tourism destination itself does not have to be social, just the visitors. What does that mean for DMOs? Investing and building social infrastructure.